25 October 2007


I realize I’ve spent way too long playing around with characters, world building and back story.  I need to get writing.  I know there are a lot of holes left to fill, but I’m anxious to get this stuff out of my head and onto paper.  I’ve committed to NaNoWriMo, and I can’t wait until November 1st. It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited about writing.


I want this novel out of my head so I can continue.  The ideas are marinating right now, but there is SO much OTHER stuff I want to work on.  I’ve got an urban fantasy marinating.  The NaNo novel from 2001 that I’m afraid to finish ßtons of editing there, and a couple of short story ideas.  So, between now and Nov. 1st I’m pretty much all over the place, and the ideas are flowing. I bet it’s because la bruja knows that I won’t have time to play when Nano starts.


Ciao for now.

01 November 2006


Posting from Palm TX

27 October 2006

Are You Ready? I'm Not.

It’s been about a month already, when I made ambitious plans to outline my story during the month of October.  I was hoping to be über-prepared for NaNoWriMo It did not happen. Not only that, right now I’m not all that upset about it. I have two novels fighting for growing room inside my head. One is of a chick-lit type, the other is urban fantasy.


 I love both protagonists, of course, and therein lies the problem. CONFLICT.  As popular writing advice goes, “what is the worst thing you can do to your character” is the bridge to conflict and plotting. Well, I know I am just being too damn nice to my girls, and I need to raise the stakes.  But I feel very mean when I do that. I do not relish making their lives miserable.  The antagonist—not so much. 


In any case, that is the plan this weekend. To come up with ways to make my characters suffer. Today is the 27th. I still have 4 days to come up with some sort of vague outline before NaNoWriMo begins.  Or I can fly bu the seat of my pants….again. 

13 September 2006


I downloaded <a href="www.inspiration.com">Inspiration </a> for both my
desktop and my Palm handheld. I'm having a good time, playing around
with it. I can see how it will definitely help me with outlining.

I love the fact that it is visual, allowing me just to "throw stuff at
the wall, and see if it sticks". And even better, converting it into an
actual outline.

Now, this is not my first introduction to Inspiration, but the first
time was quite some time ago...maybe 3 or 4 versions ago, and it was
less user-friendly back then. I'm at work right now, and I can't wait
until I can take a break, pull out my Palm and get to doodling. Yay me!

05 September 2006

random thoughts

I suck at plotting. I was reading this blog,
http://jacoppinger.blogspot.com/, and he is using Inspiration. Looking
at the website, I see there is a version for the Palm OS. I love my
Palm, even though I'm not using it to its full potential. However this
may motivate me in that direction.

I have the scenes in my head rambling around, but I can't seem to get
them into a nice 3-Act structure. Ok, so maybe I just need to write
them anyway. But I've tried that before, and ended up writing myself
into a tight corner. And that manuscript is still in the corner,
waiting for a total overhaul.

04 September 2006

Blog by Mail

This is cool.  Seeing as how blogger is restricted at work, I must blog via email.  This is the coolest. AND, as you can see I figured out how to post crappy pictures from my cell phone.  That should prove to be interesting in the future.

It’s Labor Day, and I’m at work. By choice.  Double time and a half is a great incentive to spend the day being non productive. I mean really, how much work can I do, when everyone else is home. Ok, well I was able to help out a couple of people, but that’s about it.  Call back during business hours!

I’ve been typing up some novel notes I’d handwritten on a legal pad.  I was in danger of losing the pages to the ravages of my purse, my car, and general day-to-day wear and tear.

 I go through spells—sometimes I prefer writing longhand, and sometimes I need to compose at the keyboard.  I plan to start working from First Draft in 30 Days as a way of getting, and keeping myself organized.  I’m a packrat, and a paper whore.  Too much of it, and I get overwhelmed.  I’m quick to print off a webpage (to be read later), than taking a few minutes to read it right then. And then these random pages get lost, misfiled, or, when I come across them again, I have no blasted idea of why I printed it off in the first place. Same thing with bookmarks. I can CTRL+D with the best of them, but there is no rhyme or reason on how I save my bookmarks.  I’m turning over a new leaf.  With my new laptop, everything gets its own folder: the year, subject, etc.  I’ve been doing the same with MS Word.  It’s helpful to me in so many ways, I feel so organized! Let’s see how long this lasts.

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