30 November 2001

1017 is the total count for Thursday. not a bad day.

29 November 2001

well, i've just pulled out 614 words out of nowhere. i was prepared to put up a big fat zero for the day, but i'm psyched. the Mandoorians are revealing a little more about themselves and the potential threat to Earth.

28 November 2001

oh yeah...and i did it while i was in chat at Forward Motion. Writing is good.

i am pleasantly AMPED! so far, my total count for today is 3288...a personal best. Finally getting back on track! Let's see how close i get to 50K by friday. I've gotten over not making it. I will next time!

1113 words. i may just make it to 3K today, if all goes well, and i stay off IM or course.


I could go either way. Deep into the madness of nights filled with coding CGI-Scripts and online role playing games, or I could become a normal user. Good luck!

Take the INTERNET-ADDICT Test at Fuali.com!

Yes, I'm wasting precious writing time with yet another internet test thingie. Guess I'm not as bad off as I thought. LOL

585 words so far today. i need to write an additional 16,067 today to get back on track. Yeah, right, and Ed McMahon is on his way here to present me with my check. hahahahahahahahaha

ok. so maybe i'm stressin' just a lil bit. i really wanted to have 50K by 11/30. i'm bummed about it. but i am getting over it. LOL

I am not going to make 50K in the next 2 days. Just not gonna happen. Last week was a big blow to my goal, but I'm not gonna let it get me down. So what if I reach 50K by December 10th? I still have a lot of work to do, and I'm just gonna keep plodding along until I reach The End. Let's see, I've got worldbuilding to do, a short to finish. I also want to work on my resolutions for next year, both writing and personal. Goal setting is good!

27 November 2001

i love books!
here's what I bought today:

Grave Peril - Jim Butcher
Storm Front - Jim Butcher
Lord of the Rings - Tolkien
Beholders Eye - Julie Czerneda
A Story is a Promise - Bill Johnson
Dark Matter - Sheree Thomas, editor
The Describer's Dictionary

Add to this the three books I bought the other day. I'm a happy camper. Love shopping....oops, this is the holiday season....s'posed to shop for others? Interesting concept...just may try it. LOL

I'm back.

I love NY, but I damn sure don't want to live there anymore. My NaNoWriMo novel is waaayyyy behind at this point. I haven't written a blessed thing in a week. But I needed the time off. And so now, I'm going thru my ritual of reading other writers' blogs to get me back in the groove. Maybe I won't make it to 50K by friday, but I will be close. I'm not going to stress over it.

19 November 2001

dammit. ok how come my page is not coming up? just an ad to publicize me webpage. what da hell is going on? crappy day. writing is going downhill quickly. i'm writing so much crapola it just isn't funny. didn't make 3K yesterday, got distracted by television. and the Mom stuff.

in any case, so far today, put down 578 words, which isn't bad at all, considering i'm at work, and should be, well...working. lol

18 November 2001

broke 2K for the day. would like to get to 3K, and if I get there, it will be a personal best. need to do as much as I can between today and tomorrow, because after tuesday, i'll be out of pocket for a minute.

i am not going to sit here and read Fire in the Mist. Not gonna do it. Uh-uh. Sorry Holly. It is tempting, but nope not gonna do it. LOL I need to WRITE today. Write like the wind. Cover ground I've lost, and hopefully add a cushion to get me past this week when i'll be travelling.

17 November 2001

i think i've been getting cocky. ever since i've gotten to 25K, i can't seem to get the words down. and the paltry few i have written are crap. pure unadulterated crap. . oh well, nothing else to do but write. that is, after Justice League finishes. LOL

15 November 2001

i'm on the verge of 25K. halfway to my goal. and its a good thing, but i don't think this novel will stop there. unforunately i'm at the threshold and fighting to get the words out.

oh well. i am certain they will come. back to wrork!!

13 November 2001

This is not working. Carrying my docs on disk between work and home is not working. Either I forget, or I get a bad disk and am stuck. I guess I'm gonna have to start emailing myself the doc at the end of the day, and again in the morning before I leave for work as backup.

So, I'm doing some worldbuilding today. Decided to take some time out, and do what I've been putting off for the longest. {Robert, I am abdicating the throne of Queen of Procrastination!} It is interesting. I've been putting off map drawing too, but hope to get that done this week as well. I have a pretty clear picture of how Eden looks in my mind, and I am trying to convey that picture in words, but I realize that I need something on paper, in front of me, to help me keep things correct, or else Jalen will be walking into walls, or worse, find herself in the vacuum of space.

And in short story news. I've got a lot of cutting to do on VoyageI also need a friggin' title! Voyage is supposed to be just a placeholder, but I haven't been able to think of anything else.

Oh but wait......

it just hit me....

  • Eden's Promise
  • Eden's Future
  • Future Eden

Comments and suggestions appreciated!! I've never been good with titles. Knowing that a publisher will more than likely change it, I don't fall in love with 'em.

12 November 2001

Wheeee!!! I broke 20K, and had another 2k day! Yippee for me!!

20K is still eluding me. I AM going to make it tonight. And I plan to hit 25K on the 15th, maintaining a good pace for the month. This has been a success for me already. I've never written so much, on a consisten basis, since starting NaNoWriMo. That alone had made me a success. I CAN produce 1-2,000 a night. And I am not losing sleep, or neglecting other duties, And I will finish this novel!

Not much doing today. When I opened Word this morning, I found that I lost some wordage. No biggie, no sense in crying over it. Oh well. It wasn't much, so I cannot complain. Now I'm doing triple saves LOL. I should be working on the party scene, but I've been pretty lazy all day.

Ok. This is it. I'm really going to go write now.

11 November 2001

Saturday ended with 1645 words total. and Sunday has begun with 70 words in the pot. I have several ideas of where I want to go, now it's just a matter of getting Jalen to see things my way, and to stop daydreaming about R'vahn.

10 November 2001

Distractions again. This time it is Holly Lisle's Sympathy for the Devil. Thanks Holly! I've been meaning to download this onto my Palm, but I need a new cradle. So, instead I'm reading it online when I should be writing. I'm already on chapter 11. But in between pages I'm still writing. Granted, I'm doing things the hard way. But it's good, and funny, and I recommend it to everyone.

09 November 2001

Not gonna make it today. I feel bad about it, but it means nothing, it is only a number. i can get past it. and i will make 15K before i go to sleep.

the second wind was a false alarm. can i just quit now and make it up tomorrow?? NO!! I don't want to get into that bad habit. I am supposed to moving away from procrastinating....lol

A little rest goes a long way!

I laid down for am hour or so. All the late nights this week, really caught up with me today. I was in chat nd my body was screaming for me to lie down. I was afraid that I'd fall asleep and never get back to writing tonight. After my phenomenal performance last night, I wanted to keep the flow going.

I've been up about 15 minutes and have already written gotten back into the groove.

I'm feeling refreshed, and ready to write.

i'm off to a slow start today. 222 words. i'm sleepy. hope that second wind catches up with me soon.

Ok, so apparently the time here has been PST. Don't think that I was up at six-dayum-thirty in the morning...

I did something really stupid. I left my disk with my novel on it at home.That sucks. Oh well. Guess I'll just move on forward with the story. I know where I'm at, and I kinda know where I want to go, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

2780 words.

i feel like a "real" writer now. and it is true, what i've been hearing all this time. writing begets more writing. 1000 words would take me like 4 hours. today, i did 1000 words in bits and pieces while i was at work. i reached my quota in an hour after i got home. i never thought i could produce 2000+ words per day. my excuse: i work full time, i have 2 kids.

trust me.


and dammit....IT FEELS GREAT!!!

08 November 2001

WHEEE....I just hit 2000 words for the SECOND day this week. That pretty much used to be a week's total back when I was working haphazardly. I am so psyched. Suddenly 50K doesn't seem so impossible anymore.

Thanks to Forward Motion and NaNoWriMo for getting me on this writing track!!

I don't feel like writing. It's that simple. I felt the same way last night, and managed to write an additional 1875 words. Maybe I just need to warm up a little bit. This is my new blog, and as you can see I had a little trouble with it. I DON'T KNOW HTML OR JAVA. But I figured it out. Maybe there is a career for me in the IT field. HAHAHAHAHAHA...

I had an epiphany this afternoon, regarding my alien refugees. They're cool people. But something tells me that things are about to change. Wait and see.

Writing is like a rollercoaster ride in the dark....you can only see a little bit in front of you, and you're never sure whether its a hill or a big drop. All you know is you're along for the ride and hanging on for dear life.


ok. i think i figured it out. a missing )

lets try this again.

I don't know if the comments are working. Can someone leave me a comment?

07 November 2001

i think i spoke too soon. hmmmm....seems as though i get an error.

back to the drawing board....

Yippee!!! I got it to work

ok, so now i'm trying to get BlogBack working, but hell if I know what i'm doing...LOL

One more time, gonna see if this thing will publish this.

testing, testing 1.2.3.

testing blog buddy

testing blog buddy