13 November 2001

This is not working. Carrying my docs on disk between work and home is not working. Either I forget, or I get a bad disk and am stuck. I guess I'm gonna have to start emailing myself the doc at the end of the day, and again in the morning before I leave for work as backup.

So, I'm doing some worldbuilding today. Decided to take some time out, and do what I've been putting off for the longest. {Robert, I am abdicating the throne of Queen of Procrastination!} It is interesting. I've been putting off map drawing too, but hope to get that done this week as well. I have a pretty clear picture of how Eden looks in my mind, and I am trying to convey that picture in words, but I realize that I need something on paper, in front of me, to help me keep things correct, or else Jalen will be walking into walls, or worse, find herself in the vacuum of space.

And in short story news. I've got a lot of cutting to do on VoyageI also need a friggin' title! Voyage is supposed to be just a placeholder, but I haven't been able to think of anything else.

Oh but wait......

it just hit me....

  • Eden's Promise
  • Eden's Future
  • Future Eden

Comments and suggestions appreciated!! I've never been good with titles. Knowing that a publisher will more than likely change it, I don't fall in love with 'em.