27 January 2002

963 words. its almost 4:30 in the morning. this is gonna really screw up the rest of the day, if i go to sleep. maybe i should just stay up and write, and clean, and write. the baby should be up in about 4 hours, and my day begins again LOL.

I just realized, two weeks have simply disappeared. I could not tell you what I've been doing these past two weeks, cause its all been one gray blur. Nothing vaguely interesting that's for sure. I just noticed that prior to this past friday, it had been 2 weeks since I'd last posted. That sucks. In any case, I just read Sheila's blog, and it woke me up and I'm ready to write.

24 January 2002

372 words today! i really didn't think I was going to get any writing done today. i am so behind in my never-ending lists of tasks, about one-third of which are writing-related. but after a very "inspiring" phone conversation, here I am at the keyboard, when I really should be catching up on some well-deserved sleep.

oh well.

write now. sleep later.

I haven't been posting, because I haven't been writing. Call it being blocked, procrastination, whatever. I wasn't sure quite where EDEN'S PROMISE was taking me, and I started to panic. Ok, so now days pass, and the zero word counts keep piling up. And finally, I just said fuck it. just keep going, and worry about it in the second draft.

Tuesday: 1,036 words

11 January 2002

It looks like blogback is down. again. there are little x's where the "comments" should be.

677 words.

Here I was building a pretty nice infodump when Jalen had a DOH! moment. It was pretty obvious after I typed it. I have no idea why I hadn't considered that option earlier. Guess I *will* have something to pitch at the writer's think tank this evening. Looking forward to it.

can i break a thousand words today? i'm certainly gonna try. my daily high for this year has been 845, and that was on the 1st. Production has slipped off dramatically in the days since. Oh well. can't cry over un-spilled words...just keep moving....AHHHH....now i get it.....Forward Motion!! Okay Holly, gotcha! LOL

07 January 2002

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06 January 2002

If I were a

I would be:


take the Living Dead Dolls Test

04 January 2002

No writing yet today. But the day isn't over yet.

I need a timeout. I need to go back and read what I've written so far. I've resisted the temptation so far, because of my habit of editing and re-editing and never finishing. But I need to reorient myself on Eden. The continuity errors are abundant, but I'll worry about those later. I am losing the thread of the story I wanted to tell, and won't find it again, unless I go back and find where I dropped it. I also need to think more about how I am going to end this particular book, and how I'm going to plot out this entire trilogy. Guess I've got a lot of work ahead of me. This should give me more than enough to work on for the Dare.

i see the comments are gone again.


03 January 2002

I read Jen's Blog and I think know why I'm having such a hard time. I forgot I'm wriitng a FIRST DRAFT. I don't need to worry about the incredible amount of exposition, my author intrusion, and all that technical stuff. Just write it as it comes to me, and worry about the rest later.


Thats a load off my shoulders.

I need to stop being such a packrat. I've got so much clutter in my life. I've started out '02 clearing out the emotional and mental clutter, and now it's time to get started on the physical clutter.

If you don't hear from me for several days, send the authorities, cause that means I'm lost in the midst of it all, LOL.

blogBuddy is back! YAY! It's a bit of a pin having to log into the site every time I want to post to my blog. Glad to see everything is in working order again.

702 words for the 2nd. Not bad, and since I'm not at all sleepy, I'm keeping on.


02 January 2002

Finally started using Rough Draft, and am quickly falling in love. I can make notes, and not have to flip between windows. That is the BEST thing for me. I'm tired of stopping, searching for a pen, and writing on stickies, when I'm on a good keyboard flow. More on this later.

Never did get back to writing yesterday. But I got DWR [daily writing requirement] in, so it's all good. So far, today stands at 387 words. Little bit of a struggle today, but I've been playing around with some of my poetry, so I guess that served as a distraction.

Its snowing in Georgia. In other words, it is a SEVERE STORM WATCH. Approximately 4" have fallen so far today. I got to leave work early, and more than likely I won't have to go in to work tomorrow. Yay! More writing time.

"The gaze of the poet is directed at the heart. He does not see things as mere matter. He converses with the trees and the grasses, talks to the stars, greets the sun and feels a kinship with everything around him…The poetic mind is the source of human imagination and creativity. It imparts our lives on this earth with hope, gives us dreams, and infuses us with courage; it makes possible harmony and unity and gives up the power, which no army can vanquish, to transform our inner world from utter desolation to richness and creativity."

--Daisaku Ikeda

01 January 2002

845 words, and I still have 22 hours to go. This is a very nice way to start off the New Year.

315 words to start off the New Year. Not bad, considering '02 is only 45 minutes old.