28 February 2002

750 words so far today.

it has been way too easy to slack off. i need to now recomit myself to producing sometihng every single day. It is not enough to "wait for inspiration", or let myself get distracted. i am so friggin' mad at myself.

no more whining. back to writing. again.

27 February 2002

ok i'm done playing with this. i needed some purple on this page, and i've achieved my goal.

today i'm trying to make template changes. wish me luck

20 February 2002


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18 February 2002

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17 February 2002

my daughter was sick. then she made me sick. thats my story, and i'm sticking to it! sickness is disspating, and the mental fog along with it. and i'm writing. went over my word counts for this year (joke!), and realized that i FINALLY hit the 50K NaNoWriMo goal. Sometime last month, and I didn't even know it. I thought I still had some additional wordage. Eden's Promise stands at 55,933 right now, and still counting. I figure I'm about a little more than half done, as I was aiming for close to 100K. I'm sure in revision, I will cut half, add more, and still get to that 100K mark.

08 February 2002

i just checked my blog, and I was sure I posted here more recently than January 27th?!?!?! Oh well. As you can surely guess, wriiting has been sporadic at best. I have worked on Eden's Promise a little. I've also started TWO new stories, and several poems. So I *am* writing...just not writing what is *should* be writing. LOL

Untitled story #1 is a vampire story. First line is: You would think that getting yourself killed would be fairly easy in this day and age. Thank you Sheila ffor the inspiration.

Untitled story #2 is a fluffy little romance ditty. Not my genre, and I don't even know why I'm writing it. LOL

Several poems came dripping out of me. And that whole angst-filled "woe is me" writing episode is over. Whew!