08 February 2002

i just checked my blog, and I was sure I posted here more recently than January 27th?!?!?! Oh well. As you can surely guess, wriiting has been sporadic at best. I have worked on Eden's Promise a little. I've also started TWO new stories, and several poems. So I *am* writing...just not writing what is *should* be writing. LOL

Untitled story #1 is a vampire story. First line is: You would think that getting yourself killed would be fairly easy in this day and age. Thank you Sheila ffor the inspiration.

Untitled story #2 is a fluffy little romance ditty. Not my genre, and I don't even know why I'm writing it. LOL

Several poems came dripping out of me. And that whole angst-filled "woe is me" writing episode is over. Whew!