05 November 2002

nov. 4 - 1213 words

not as much as i would have liked. but one scene down, and many many more to go. tomorrow (later today) i plan to work out just how long i want this book to be, and how many scenes it will entail. i got this idea straight from Holly at Foward Motion. she explained in detail how she mathematically worked out her scenes, and it seems to work for her. and so it can't hurt right?

04 November 2002

hahahahaha! my brief foray into first person is over. back to third person. 189 words so far.

03 November 2002

glad this happened *now* as opposed to later. third person was just not gonna work for this particular character. i *need* to be in her head. so make my count ZERO again, and i'm starting over.

02 November 2002

nov. 2 - 302 words

don't laugh. it's only been a hour thus far. more later. i'm beat.

nov. 1 - 73 words

sad, ain't it? and where did october go? all my beautiful plans for outlining, sketching--dashed by the evil minions of procrastination. yup. no one to blame but myself. but i'm not gonna let that get me down. i look at it like this--maybe there's a reason i can't seem to get an outline completed. ya think? in any case, i will still be outlining/sketching WHILE i'm working on this as-yet-untitled novel. i'm shooting for a total length of 140K, with at least 50K to be completed this month. i'm not gonna put my neck in a noose by claiming i can do 140K in thirty days...but you never know.