03 January 2003


I haven't abandoned this blog, nor my writing. I'd gotten so disgusted with myself by the end of '02 I was ready to give it up. That lasted for a few hours....lol

It's a new year, new beginning, and I haven't really made any formal resolutions (aside from quitting smoking). I always seem to set myself up for failure that way...making writing goals that I never seem to meet. This year I'm just gonna take it one day/story/chapter/paragraph/sentence at a time. No more, no less. I need to finish Eden's Promise. I haven't worked on EP since my birthday, back in September. That's bad. Real bad. But I wrote 222 words yesterday, and 393 words so far today. She is currently at 68,747 total. Jalen hasn't disappointed me yet, and she's just experienced something that is freakin' her out. Totally unplanned in my original vision, but it works (for me). I don't know how it will play in the grand scheme of things, but that is what revisions are for anyway.

One thing I will do this year is read more. I did not read very much last year, much to my surprise. I don't have a lack of books to read, but nowhere near my usual 50-100 per year. Of course I spent a lot of time doing other things. And that is the problem. I need to find a working BALANCE between all the parts of me. Writing. Being mom. Job hunting. Knitting. Reading. Music. Video games. Ok, well that last one doesn't really count...but it *is* a time waster.