01 May 2005


I need to get an outline down for Untitled #2. I hate that I don't have a title, but nothing has come to mind yet. I was thinking Happily Ever After, but that is pretty unoriginal. Anyway, Eden's Promise was written without an outline, and while the premise is decent, it goes in 99 directions at once and loses focus of my original vision. I finally realize that writing sans outline, at least a sketchy outline, does not work for me. My MC is pretty well fleshed out. I've gotten far into her backstory. The other major players are not as fully drawn yet, but I'm getting there. My weak areas are: conflict (being too easy on my characters), and organization--which is an issue throughout my life, not just in my writing.

I have an idea of how I want the book to end, but am not sure how to get there. If I can get past my major stumbling block, I'll be good. Major conflict. I've got lots of minor conflicts in mind, but nothing major enough to set things in motion. I had an idea of making a list of everything that can go wrong for my MC when the book opens. Let's see how that works out.