06 June 2005

late night muse & diversions

Yesterday I slacked off big time. Distracted by a computer game. Children of the Nile. Kinda like Sim City in ancient Egypt. A very involved game, and you are the Pharoah. It got me thinking about setting a story in ancient Egypt. I don't even know if there's a market for it. Or perhaps I can make a market for it.

Anyways, after wasting a good portion of the day (and night) on it, I went to bed about 4am this morning. THAT's when Mr. Muse decides to wake up big time. I found motivation for my MC, peeked into her husband's motivation, and found a series of opening events that will turn her world upside down. So, though they are coming slowly, I am ever grateful the words are coming. I just wish they'd not prevent me from going to sleep. It's difficult to read my writing after one of those late-night-dim-light-so-I-don't-disturb-anyone scribblings.