04 July 2005

Happy 4th!

Fourht of July, and so far, I've spent the day surfing blogs, a little knitting, and working on my outline. Using Holly's Notecarding: Plotting Under Pressure, I got a lot done. I have a better idea of my scenes, where I'm lacking, and where I need to narrow my focus. It was certainly a big help. Now, I didn't have any index cards, so instead I used Excel. I may try to find a notecard program (like Writer's Blocks) online. I realized one important thing. I was going to use multiple viewpoints, but I can see that there are only two that are important to the story--Malcolm and Erika, but mostly Erika. I want to throw Malcolm in there, because I want readers to see that he's really not as bad once you get past your first impressions.