07 August 2005

Write Every Day

Everything I have ever read about writing stresses, "you must write every day".

I don't.

I feel incredibly guilty that I don't. And I spend (waste) a lot of time thinking about how can I manage to write every day. Less sleep? I already go to bed around 11 or 12, and I'm up by 5, so no, that doesn't seem possible. I'm presently averaging 4-5 days a week, 800+ words a day. And this is in 15-minute blocks of time that I scrape out through the day. I just started working again, last week. By the time I get home I am physically and mentally exhausted. It takes me at least an hour just to de-stress. Add to that dinner, daughter-time, getting ready for the next day. Next thing you know, it's 10:00.

So, for the time being, my little 15 minute "mini-marathons" are just going to have to do. I'm hoping that this schedule will get easier in the next month or so, and I'll be able to weave in more writing time.

The least I CAN do right now...is stop feeling guilty about it. Ok. I don't write everyday. And that's okay. If I could I would, but I can't, and I have to realize that that's okay too.